Bleeding Heart

His heart is bleeding again
I don’t want to be the same
But You say when I sin again
Am taking You back to the cross
Where You bleeding again.

For x number of years
You held my hand
Whispered in my ear
Come with me dear
And see a world no eye has seen
And no I can see
Because to be there
You have to be selfless before Me.

I bow to my King
My everything
Well almost anyway
Because my hold was so strong
Like a fort I had strongholds.

But You whisper in my ear
With gentle quiet tears, I hear
And want to leave everything I hold dear
You see the restraint in my heart
And remind me of many years back
Where You held my hand
Guided and comforted
When You came my fort had finally come.

I threw myself in flames

Rolled in the embers
As if in joy but in pain
Even when I didn’t have a chance
You came and said
My dear take a glance
Beyond the horizon
The investment is beyond the horizon.

You let Your heart bleed
So that mine could plead
For mercy, favour and grace, now my portion
When the pain of my mistakes
Make my heart seem to bleed
I look at You and see
It’s just a small sting
Between You and me

Its Your heart that bleeds.

We know that I knew what to say
I had the plans laid out
But You the supreme architect
Brought all this to being
In the presence of royalty
I kiss Your feet
Knowing that through Your bleeding heart You saved me.

I can look me in the eye
And accept me
As You change me
Because You bled for me.


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