It is not a ‘weakness’

Stumbled upon this on the streets of the internet and it got me thinking. Not so much about the colour of my skin but more so on my personal attributes. The idiosyncrasies of my person, the ones no one ever seems to understand. Have you ever found yourself trying to explain something peculiar to you and receiving the baffled response from other people? I know I have. Don’t get me wrong people including myself have weaknesses but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about random things like, ‘why your is your eye colour deep blue, greenish-purple and you are African’ kind of peculiar.

How many years do we spend explaining to others what is different about us instead of living life? Why we are as short or tall as we are and we fault the fourth ancestor seventh removed for what makes us stand out. All the explaining, justifying and searching for empirical formulas of your gene pool or social pool is indeed just a distraction.

From the post I am aware of the need to do less explaining and more of doing what I am made to do. Sometimes people will not get it and we can explain ourselves hoarse trying. Having the grace to understand and accept who you are is the best gift we decide to give ourselves. We should not be afraid of who we are because it is different, I should not be afraid.

Be different. It’s easier than trying to be someone else.


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