The Most Abundant in the Norms and The Yawns

Again I am in the streets of the internet and I got to pick this one up. It is a wonderful read.

Reading this post just brought to mind how I always thought an abundant life would be outside of the life I have. That it would be some nuclear explosive event that would leave my life in a standstill or at least in awe. Something that would make my life stand out. Well most likely not but here is the good part. I am coming to see that many times in my life God takes the normal and gives it His abundance. The small and ordinary things receive His abundance.

The abundance of Himself and His presence is in every moment. The moments we experience in this life are the way they are because God is in it. It is not removed from the current events of life. There will be the big moments, don’t get me wrong but the abundance is also in the small and there are so many times it can be missed.

Choosing to keep your eyes peeled in the seemingly boring moments could surprise you. It is like staring at a beautiful green sun kissed garden. A rabbit may not pop out of the hedge, but just maybe the extraordinary is not in the surprise but in the tranquil of the garden.

Takes ever present help in time of need to another level doesn’t it?


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