Too Much Love

I was bitten by the ‘awwwww’ bug when I read this article and saw the pictures. It’s just so cute.

It got me thinking not just about the love children have for soft toys but love in a general perspective. The topic is too wide and controversial to even scratch the surface, but I did see something about love in relation to the article.

I see that love from others and love directed to others and even to God can cause us bruises and brokenness and it need not be love that has gone all wrong. It will not even sometimes be in the face of negative emotions from our loved ones. Sometimes it is in the adjustments we make to retain the love we have, it is in holding someones hand when they face affliction, and in other times it is in the boredom.

Having the element of love in our lives means that there are parts of us that will be lost, broken and torn up. The emotional connections that we have with…well anyone, will not leave us as pristine as we imagine we should be.

This then begs the question, would you rather be the perfect doll or the different button-eyed doll that has a story? That has a life and heart poured into it? That was once lifeless and now has an adventure and the heart of a child that has held so dearly close to them?

God offers us the journey, the story, never really the untainted, untouched lives.

These dolls remind me of the journey of life I have taken. The scars, the fading colour, the squished torso and the stitched up body are signs I have been loved along the way.

The choice comes not to revel and wallow in the pain but to enjoy the scars, not to glorify the pain but to show how far I have come and how far I have been loved.


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