Flags and Floodlights

My mind is piecing up many seemingly random thoughts and happenings. In this case there are three the domino effect, Pocahontas and a sermon I watched like two hours before writing this. Weird right?

There are those moments in time when your eyes are open and you see the dominos all lined up and the anticipation of the chain reaction each piece contributes to the next with just one touch (V for Vendetta anyone?). It is like the time Pocahontas was told and I paraphrase to look at the far reaching effects of one small ripple. I am also reminded of a sermon I have heard (like two hours ago) by Bill Johnson and he talks of how subtle God can be. And it just hit me how the subtleties can line up a road with so many flags and can be the tiny bulbs that form the floodlights that light up a heart. The heart can be fickle and deceitful but a new heart from God does not come with massive nuclear explosive changes and neither do some experiences in life. Oh how I love explosions.

I have always wanted God to do a fireworks parade in my life. The pomp, pizzaz, colour and lights. All. Of. Them. Not to hide but go out loud.

But in looking at the set of dominos and the minute bulbs I see a caring God. Would you imagine if God had a fireworks display for everything He did? Every single thing? Fireworks displays are lovely when you are psychologically prepared or you have a good pair of ear plugs to save your mind the strain of blocking out noise that is clearly there, so that you enjoy the lights. Imagine firecrackers popping up every time God chooses to surprise you. It would mean a random crackling noise you are totally unprepared for piercing through a quiet moment. What about when He is near you every minute and you sense His still presence, wouldn’t that count for perpetual fireworks? That would be a lot of noise to take in.

Do not get me wrong I still love me some fireworks and explosions. I do hope for them someday. I also have slowly come to realize intimacy in privacy. When you catch God whisper something in your ear or when you still your voice from the sorrow of the world and sense the Holy Spirit gently tug at your hand, it is a beautiful thing. Unfiltered and untainted even without the grand display there is communication. The trail of flags on a new path. Flags secretly hidden from others and are put up just for you to find because God knows what flags move your heart. The tiny lights shining bright when put together. The one flag and small light bulb make up the flags and floodlights. God being subtle does not mean He loves less. Many times God shows His intimacy in the subtle. It is in putting together the subtleties that make up the grand picture patiently being built up. So I take up my tiny flag and light and look for the flags and floodlights in them.


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