My eight stitches

I cannot believe I am admitting to this. For those who crochet this could be a big deal. It is for me anyway. I did eight stitches in one minute. Sigh. Double crochet just so you know, not those tall double triple treble super long stitches. Nah! Double crochet.

I watched a video of someone who did nine stitches a minute and it seemed slow (no offense to the owner of the video at all) and the record is twenty seven stitches in a minute. I am not going for a record or anything, I just wanted to give a rough idea of what eight stitches means to me. There was miles of yarning to do and I was hoping for some double digit figure plus when I timed myself I was way faster. So what was happening now? Sigh. Even ten would be nice.

Back story: I finally got a free Saturday and was planning  to get my crochet on. I looked forward to a lot of stitching and the ultimate crochet massacre. All those pending projects were going down. So I had breakfast and did my stitch per minute math and in X amount of time I would be done and onto the next project. I would be churning out work like a machine. Working atmosphere? Check. Stitch per minute count? Check. I was ready to yarn and stitch (what is the rock and roll version of crochet anyway)?

The timer went off…prematurely, because I was barely halfway done. The stitch math was redone (yes, I have stitch math. It is like war and strategy is key) and there was an error. A glimmer of hope, yes! There was extra time. The timer was reset and it went off too fast again. I was now halfway done. How could I be halfway done? Went over my math and it was right, unless. . . So I calculated my stitches per minute and the shocking number 8 came up. I did it like four times, and the first feeling that came was dejection (clearly after the denial since the math was done four times). When was all the work ever going to be finished if it was being done at double the time it is meant to be done? Is there a point to all this? Is this all in vain?

Then I realized I was in a dip. A valley. In my definition it is the place in your gift, talent, random thing you feel you do well and care about, where you seem not to be as fast or as good at it. Where the input is not equal to the expected result. For no reason at all. Your mood is right, your mind is clear and you feel inspired even. What do you do when you are out of your game when you need you double A game on?

What was I going to do with my eight stitches? I was going to have lunch, regroup and try again. Sometimes when things really need to work at their optimum in your life (insert important urgent goal here) and they do not, instead of ranting and raving or beating yourself up, the best thing most often than not would be to get up, regroup and try again. I recognize the amount of work ahead but I also acknowledge what I have managed to do and I am thankful. Being gracious to myself can go a long, long way. Taking my eight stitches and making them twenty could take some time. For now I will eat, pray and love myself to the twenty, and give myself peace for the eight I have.

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  1. Vickie says:

    Hahahaha nice one. I am a devout knitter myself, never thought of timing myself though. You have expressed the art in such detail, reading this made my fingers itch for a ball of yarn 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    1. You are most welcome :). It has been a joy discovering the yarn world. It is an exciting place it can make you do crazy but amazing things. The itchy fingers are mutual.

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