The Simple DC

The challenge as a creative (I am entitled to call myself a yarn creative right?) is coming up with new designs. There are times when the internet can be a maze of ideas that do not resonate with what you desire to create, leaving you exhausted and uninspired. At this moment in time I went back to the basics of crochet. The Double Crochet stitch.

I was reluctant to do this stitch since it did not have the razzle dazzle I wanted to have in my crochet project. I was making a snood for a friend and I wanted it to have a design I had never done before. After all new is meant to be exciting right? New also meant a lot of internet research on my end (que in youtube, Moogly blog and et al. other crochet blogs), digging up for old designs I had bookmarked in my mind to use later on, trying out different colour combinations and even switching up various stitches to come up with a design. Here I was with a new project at hand and no design suitable for it was forth coming. Going back to the basics seemed retrogressive at this point. All I wanted was something new, different and exciting.

As I grudgingly began to do the Double Crochet stitch, I felt a sense of joy and wonder. It was as if I was meeting a long lost friend. Needless to say I enjoyed the experience more than I thought I would and the final product turned out better than I expected. Its simplicity was a breath of fresh air. No frills or sparkles or a pop of colour here and there and everywhere. Surprisingly, I liked it.

I did learn that sometimes I can miss out the beauty of the simple things. There are instances I need to embrace what is not colourful or complicated. There is fun and exhilaration even in the simple things.

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