Baby Faith

Holding a baby in your arms has to be among the greatest experiences we have as people. In them there is potential and hope. To imagine such a fragile thing could be the greatest inventor the world has known or something even grander than that. Sometimes thinking of a child walking can be an overwhelming feeling. Such a tiny delicate thing walking? Talking and even running around? Almost sounds impossible yet, as a mother you would not imagine any less of them. No mother would see the small hands and feet of their child and think to themselves, “Maybe my baby’s hands and feet are too small to do such an amazing thing as crawling let alone walking…” Such thoughts are the furthest thing from a mothers mind. A baby is always a sign of things to come. Who they are then is never an impediment to the hope we have of what they will become.

It is the same way that our existence is evidence that there is hope for the world. I believe that if people believed in the good that was in them and also believed in the One who created them, they would not see their “small hands and feet” so to speak. They would not think, “My mind is too small to be creative” or “My heart is too weak to care for other people” or “I do not have enough money to impact the world the way I desire to.” They would look at their “small hands and feet” and see an infinite and caring God who put greatness in such a small package.

Ever been in a situation where you are encouraging a child to walk? It is wonderful how they put themselves out there no matter how many times they fall. Something in them says, “I am meant to walk, and walk I shall”. They have giggles and expectant eyes when you call to them to come to you. They do not look at their feet and wonder how they will ever get there. They look to you, the person who is doing this miraculous thing called walking and they probably think, “if they believe I can walk then I am able to walk.” How much more those who believe in God and think, “If a Mighty God thinks I can do it then I am able to do it” They would see the unique solution they are to bring in the world.

What if for every cry of injustice God made a man who would solve it? What if for every, “where is God in this world crisis” question, God caused a person to be born and to live to solve it? What if for every person walking on the face of this earth there is a solution to global warming or famine, and drought? If we saw these in ourselves and others would we despise anyone? Whether they are young, old or disabled in one way or another?

I believe that God made people because He has a plan to change the world. There is hope for the world if there are still people in it. Everyone in the world is a unique solution to the problems we have in the world. If all people believed they have something to give, the world would flourish in a way we have never seen before.

There is no superman who can change everything at once. We are the ones to change it. If we chose to live isolated and not believing in ourselves and God we live fragmented lives. Always having pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but not quite getting the full picture.

When we believe in God, ourselves and other people we can change the world. This is what I call baby faith. That the very existence of a baby is the making of a solution the world needs and a hope of things to come. The same way we believe the best in the babies we have encountered is the same way God believes the best in us. If only we could see it, touch it, feel it and embrace it…the miles we could go *sigh*

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  1. Thank you. Glad she brought you here 🙂

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