This thing in a frame

For some reason I have been thinking about waiting. Maybe I should accept the fact that waiting is part of my life since once an event has passed I wait for another. I guess it is a good thing. It is a sign that I am alive and I have hope.

The grand plan for redemption that God had was perfect and yet He waited for it to come to pass over thousands of years. It took 400 years after God spoke for Jesus to come. Jesus was clearly ready to come since He was slain before the foundation of the world plus he did not need time to perfect his character to become the Messiah seeing as He was God. So when God asks me to wait He is not asking me to do something that He Himself has not done or is not aware of.

I think God sees time the way we see maps. The singular moments in our lives that we separate from other events so easily such as being married, being single, dating, the passing on of a loved one, unique battles such as that of infertility in a marriage and more difficult things that I have not mentioned. Some because they are heart breaking to speak about and others still because I am not aware they exist. We wait in angst and ask, “When will it be Lord?” In all innocence we ask imagining God never had to wait for anything in His life. We imagine that when it comes to His plans He would fast forward time while when it comes to us He presses pause. These singular moments seem unrelated and something to be forgotten once they pass. When it comes to our lives we see things as similar and we look at the road drearily on and on moving beneath the vehicle seemingly long and meaningless. Losing hope and turning back seems practical.


So much comes into play in our lives. The same way it was in the life of Christ. You would imagine after the long wait there would be a grand entry, after all it was the Fathers moment to shine, let all the earth be still and tremble, but there was none. You would imagine also that God would at least be grown up somehow not a child. But He went through the stages of life like we do, diapers and all (napkins, cloths whatever they used at that time).

The thing about maps is that it needs the pin drop location so that you do not get lost. Precision is key all roads being constant. Not all roads lead to the destination and every movement is critical and a wrong turn can lead to danger. When driving we are careful to look out for the turns because we have a destination in mind. The place we desire to go.

I believe God factors in so much just for that one thing in our lives to come to pass. Just like a road trip, where factor in the weather, the availability of fuelling stations, the condition of the car and the traffic before we can truly say we are ready for a road trip.

Life will never be easy and many times we want what we want and we want it now. We do not understand or want to understand why it cannot happen now. Indeed there may not be easy answers and if there were you must have heard them before such as, “you are not ready” or “you do not have enough faith” or “God is sovereign” etc but that is beside the point.

The point really is that if God had to wait for thousands of years for His plan to come together (like He made Himself wait…who does that?), then I can wait too? No that is not what I was going for but that makes sense too. I believe His waiting came from seeing events and life as sewn together yarn. All of it coming together and making sense. So in essence there was no part of events that was a mistake or unnecessary. He saw something bigger that not only made Him wait but even desire to wait. Something grand that made it worth going through the law and the sin that was rampant on the earth. And He still waits up to this day.

The question then is not, “how much longer before the promise comes?” rather it is, “where is the bigger picture?” The promise is not the end all be all especially with God. With Him there is always the hidden in plain sight in what He does and a deeper meaning to the happenings in life.

Abraham saw it. That is why it made sense for him to wait for Isaac for about 25 years and then willingly sacrifice him to God.

May I see this thing in a frame, the real picture of where I am. Not just today or the seemingly difficult days to pass but in everything: the mundane, the crazy, the fun, the sad, the events that take a toll on me, may I see Gods picture in all of them.


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