Our Father

The aspect of our father is especially lucrative to me since it means that I can hide in the background and not be seen. This works well for me, except for the fact that God does not work in that manner. Sigh.

Fathers are figures of authority who are meant not to be disturbed or disrupted unless for very serious and urgent matters and only if all other options are exhausted. This makes for very interesting prayers especially for someone who is inquisitive and a tad (a tinnie tinny tad) scatterbrained.

One morning I was looking frantically for my keys (as I do almost every morning seeing as I can be a tinnie tinny tad scatterbrained) and finally after all efforts have failed I speak out loud in frustration, “Lord, help me find my keys.” And for some reason the minute those words leave my lips they appear. I do not know about you guys but this is my miracle every morning.

I thought of the odd things I pray to be found like a biro pen, a comb or bobby pins and how consistently and faithfully they show up (bobby pins are another story all together. They do not get lost they run away to bobby pin heaven to fulfill a greater purpose than putting weaves in place. A higher realm of rest and tranquility like under the bed or forever never-land where they are robed with an invisibility cloak and sent to secret spy missions and are never found again). It happens so frequently until it made me self conscious and for a while I felt…weird.

This was not an exclamation of frustration I made but an actual prayer? That even God the Father was hearing? Wait, God sees me in the midst of the multitude of children He has and helps me find my lost keys? Every single day? Plus there is no fuss about it or “how many times have I told you to keep things safe and in a place you will remember” or “you owe me one” or “this is the last time I am doing this” or “I do not feel like helping you today.” It is about a father transacting with His daughter knowing her heart. This teaches me and I am still learning that I can come to God with absolutely anything and He will hear me. There are no special songs or prayers or quoting of scripture that will coerce God to pay attention.

To be honest coming to the Father as I am will mean I make mistakes and if not for the answered prayer, I will learn how to pray, how to connect with Him and how to not feel weird about misplacing my keys.

I did find a system for the keys but I hope I do not have a system with God. That it will be random, free flowing and open, from the deep and hard to the strange and silent. I hope that I will not hold back the ‘small’ and ‘insignificant’ from Him waiting to pray for the big ticket things so that I impress Him. That there will be mutual joy and respect and grownup-ness will not stand in the way of finding God. May I redefine the name father not to mean, “I am busy you best be having a good reason to warrant my attention.” but to mean, “I am here for you all the time and for the long haul”. May there be more my father and less our father and when there is our father may I see Him as my father too.


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  1. thatgirlkoki says:

    Lovely! Morning miracles. Also, in bobby pin heaven, mine are dancing it out with yours since it’s retirement and all 😄

  2. Yes. Morning miracles indeed. The redeeming fact could be that they are in a happy place. I miss them though…

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