The Mango Esteem

It is mango season on this side of the globe and I have been indulging myself quite a bit. Plus I discovered some abnormally sweet mangos (the ones with a rough peel and look much like an apple mango) that have fueled the indulgence I so believed would end in the month. Moving along.

A mango is a fruit and remains a fruit. When the seed is planted in the right environment it grows to be a mango tree that will bear more mango fruit. No amount of wishing or threats from the fruit to be an avocado will make it an avocado. Neither will a mango having a bad day or low esteem of itself become a plum nor will its high esteem magically convert or “elevate” the mango to coconut status. It sounds plain and self explanatory and for a moment someone would wonder, “Who would want a mango to be a coconut anyway?” We do. Sometimes daily and many times we criticize the mango for not being potato-ey enough.

The analogy of the mango makes things seem so simple. A mango is a mango and a potato a potato, big deal. If don’t want a mango do not get a mango. And yet when it comes to taking the same idea and applying it in our lives things get a whole lot messy.

We seek to change who we are to fit the norms and social obligations we have been taught to adhere to. We easily decide we are beautiful or not based on the next commercial that comes of the press to affirm or discredit our biases. We love people based on how we feel they should be loved. We have globally embraced the idea that the most constant thing in life is change so we change our behaviour depending on what is suitable at the time. I am not saying we throw all caution to the wind and do whatever. The question is whoever to direct the reason we do things to the nature of who we believe we are as human beings which in essence is our value. The value and potential you have as a person is not shifty or dependent on how you feel as a person.

Denying who you are will never change who you were made to be. The difference is that you will never experience how truly juicy a mango you really are if you try to be a coconut. However, when you see the mango that you are and strive to be that person you will experience it in its fullness and no one can take that away from you. Only you can be the mango you were made to be.

No amount of soul searching is meant to change who you essentially are as a person. The very nature of soul searching is not to be a best person there is whatever that means. It is to be the fullest of who you are. To discover the great strength God put inside you because who you are is inside of you not around you. To get rid of all the masks and ideas of who everyone thinks and believes you should be. The mango seed does not look into the soil to find the tree inside it. It allows itself to grow.

Would it be better to believe in yourself and find out how much is in you or would you rather look wistfully out the window and watch people strive to be who they are wondering if you will ever amount to anything. I believe that all human beings have something great to contribute to the earth otherwise you would not be born. The secret is to find it and become. The solution to most of our problems and problems around us is in being who we are. Most people are too afraid to be this mango. Maybe because it is too succulent and not compact, most peels are edible unlike the next banana, yellow on the inside and not as white as the potato. At that point that we decide being different is wrong then we embrace a coconut life not fit for a mango.

The difference between the mango and humans is that we can decide to be who we are or not be who we are. We have the power of freewill to deny or accept that we are a mango. That means our minds can convince us to live as coconuts all our lives while clothed in the mango skin, enduring the coastal climate and saying the world is too harsh for a typical coconut. Striving to be pale white to fit in with the rest of the coconuts and denying all the yellow inside of us screaming to the world of the mango that we are. Living and struggling in lives and environments not meant for us.

Choose to be who you are and allow others to be the plums, pineapples and tangerines they are. Do not let the what has happened or is happening to you make you believe that you lost your mango. Take it back and show it to the world because maybe it is about time we had a balanced fruit salad. Speaking about fruit salad where are the ice-creams at?

Special dedication to all my friends who I have called a mango because I am a mango too.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. thatgirlkoki says:

    I think I’m a peach 😁 Thank you for sharing luv.

    I’ll just go on and be peachy ☺️

    1. Yes you do that. I like peach.
      I am up for fruit salad now 🙂

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