The cause of faith.

Have you ever been in a place that is not entirely right for you but you got used to it? You moved in, put up the furniture bought the curtains and you are all settled in. The paint on the walls seem more colourful and the dark pathway seems brighter and the smells are all too familiar now. It is not perfect but it is home. You know where everything is.

When asked by those around you if you are comfortable you speak of moving to a bigger place. No one has any doubt that you desire to move elsewhere. If you are lucky you have friends who will pray themselves hoarse to see you become the person that you were meant to be (pause here and say thank you to God for such friends). You have gathered your prayer troop and on and on you go praying, like clockwork. You even know the next word you will say without consciously thinking about it and someone listening to you will not notice your inattentiveness because the prayers makes sense.

You have perfected the art of having intellectual conversations -subconsciously of course because you have done this for the umpteenth time- with people concerning your living space depending on who you are speaking to and you phrase the words just right to elicit the reaction that you desire at the time.

At one point seemingly out of the blue, things start opening up and now the house that you desired is available. Phone call after phone call friends take you through the specifics of the houses they have seen and it is exactly what you wanted, up to the finishing on the floor. You decide to see the house for yourself to dispel the belief that the house you have been speaking about actually exists. True to what your friends said it does and you notice other things that they would not have noticed that fit the bill.

What do we do when we are so comfortable with where we are and suddenly we come face to face with “above” and “beyond” our expectations? We imagine that we know what exactly we will do but do we really know ourselves as much as we claim to? What are we to do when life demands of us to act in a new place which we have prayed for, worked hard and believed for? In a way we can pray for so long to a point where we really do not believe it will come to pass and we then continue to pray for the sake of it.

Some of the best opportunities come in our lives when we are comfortable with what was meant to console us in the moment of waiting. We carry the sleeping bags to the bedrooms of our destinies without realizing what we are doing. We find it hard to keep it aside because it is all we have known. Many times transitions in our lives do not have a sign board and neither do they say in flashing neon, “You have now left the place of transition and are moving to new territory. Speed 140km/hr.” Our greatest moment of triumph has a way of sneaking up on us.

In these places we are to speak, walk and act in ways we are not familiar with. We work with unproven theories and strange structures. We thought we were ready and rehearsed how we would act but many times we freeze and wonder what to do.

This is where the cause of faith checks in. It is the one that reminds us how it felt the first time when we entered the other room and how small it felt. It ignites us to remind us why we wanted what we prayed and hoped for. It gives us the courage to do what we were made to do in the new place. It pushes us ever so slightly but just enough to get us off the backstage and out in front of the audience for us to give the performance we auditioned for and finally got. It is the voice of faith that will say, “You can do it afraid or shy or scared or unschooled or young and naive or too old and frail but by all means go out there and do it. The feeling will pass but won’t you be glad you did it?”

It is easy to hold back when you are unsure but sometimes the best way to release the energy an opportunity has is not by waiting to be better before you do it, but giving it a go anyway. This is not in any way to say that you should not work hard and prepare for opportunities. This is for you who already knows the over-a-million times you have rehearsed for a moment like this. For you who has sung in front of the mirror and now has a demo they need to record, for the one who has danced on the streets when no one is watching and now has the chance to dance in a video, for the one with an overactive imagination and now has the chance to learn an art form of some kind, for the tinkerer who has taken apart and put together all electronics in their house and their neighbours’ house. Think of all the things you wanted to do but held back on it because you felt unqualified.

The cause of faith is there to tell you that you already prepared for this and there is no more need to prepare but to act. It is there to ask you, “why are you afraid and yet you have prepared for this?” It is there to pinpoint what we are tempted to term as preparation and call it out for the fear that it really is. The cause, the basis and foundation of faith is seeing the possibilities as a done deal.

You have prepared for it. You have rehearsed for it. Go ahead and do it afraid. Do not dismiss yourself because you are afraid.

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