Letter to the seed

Dear bamboo seed,

You must be used to the under earth by now. The darkness, the roughness and cold. The stillness and silence. No activity or stirring. Once you break out of the cocoon of the seed you will see light and you will notice very new and different things around you. You will see tall stems and green leaves on trees. This may amaze you until you realize that you have the same features, just on a smaller scale.

The other trees in the forest -forest is the name of the place you are right now- have probably been there for many years and looking all the way up at them; their height, the enormous, majestic branches waving at the sun, the scaling on their backs and large roots that jut out of the ground may intimidate you and will make you desire to be just like them. It is nothing you have seen before and I understand your awe of them. It may seem like an impossible feat to attain to but you will be surprised at what you can do.

Underground has been comfortable because it is all you have known and there are none like you in the soil to compare with. Remember that when you get to the surface there will be many who seem like you and will give you advice on how to live. It is tempting to listen because they speak of what you itch to hear. Who does not want to know how to be as tall and as beautiful as they are? They must be right in what they say, after all, if it were not so they would not be who they are now. Though they are older than you and have what you covet, you should not listen to them because they do not understand you. Do not listen to them when they tell you that you can only get to be a certain height, because you will be much taller.

Even when they convince you that you must take multiple years of being above the ground and growing little by little to become a tall tree, do not take heed of them. Though you may have been underground for a long time, it does not mean your life above the ground will be the same. That is not your story. Yours is of quick growth that will surpass theirs even though they will not be able to understand or explain it. This is something that is peculiar just to you bamboo. The truth is I made you that way.

Many years experience in the forest does not mean there is wisdom. Wisdom is knowing who you are and what you are capable of. Only bamboos know what bamboos do and cannot do. Listen and learn from them. They will understand you and guide you. Only those who are  of your kind and understand how you are made can guide you and tell you the ways of the forest.

This may seem unreal but I assure you that you will become a tree and the life above the surface for you will be different. There has been a lot of waiting underground but on the surface you will rise exponentially and rapidly. I am still the same God underground and on the surface so do not be afraid and heed to what others say. Take in all the nutrients of the ground you will need them. All I give you now is not to sustain your state of being a seed but it is to carry the height that you will attain.

Again I say, though it seems hard to believe, not only will you be a tree, you will be a very tall tree.


The Creator.

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