Two Actual Doves

“On the second day of February or March I don’t remember clearly,  my true love gave to me. Two actual doves…”

I remember one morning being drawn to a cooing sound at the balcony. I peeped to confirm that indeed there was a dove. It was a welcome sound considering that I needed a pick me up that morning and I took it as God’s reassurance to me that all will be well.

A day or two passed by and the dove came back not only in the morning but also in the evening as well and in my mind I figured that God was adamant on reassuring me. Yes it was all about me. When a week or so was over I had an unusual thought came to mind. It went along the lines of, “I really hope this is not a mother dove looking for a place to build a nest.” And a counter thought answered back, “No. It wouldn’t.”

It did.

Two of the tiniest eggs I have ever seen were on the balcony floor. I looked at them perplexed, annoyed and mostly feeling dumb for over thinking a natural occurrence to imply something that it did not. After some of the mixed feelings subsided I was hit with the realization that I cannot access the balcony until this whole thing is over because for the life of me I couldn’t not find it in me to throw out a mother and children to the streets. Literally.

Stealth mode was something I had to get used to. Peeping in and checking on the kids (LOL). I was curious for the first few days and lost interest when I kept finding eggs staring blankly back at me as if to say, “What were you expecting?” And so I kept away to give them time to hatch and I gave the estimate of a month so that I am not disappointed and I did not Google the gestation period of a dove. What would be the fun in it right?

Checking back on them at the imagined time they would have hatched I saw two doves almost the mothers size but with fluff on their wings. Wow! That was fast.

Recently (being today) I was in the house and I heard some sort of commotion in the balcony and I assumed it was the cardboard boxes being hitting against the grill on the balcony and I ignored it. But it kept persisting. It was not incessant to warrant my attention but it reminded me of the doves and the fact that I had not checked up on them in a while. When I peeked I saw two doves, without fluff but still in the baby chirping stage. I had no idea that I would know how baby sounds on a bird would be like but what I heard had to be it. It was surreal seeing the two birds flapping their wings as if to announce that they are all grown up and ready to leave the nest. The thought of those tiny eggs turning to doves almost overnight was unreal. It seems like overnight because everything happened so fast and they are about to go (I really hope that they do not plan on inheriting the mothers nest because I need the balcony back).

The experience had me thinking of how it is so easy to miss out on the changes that happen around and even within us because somehow they sound familiar. The way I thought the sound at the balcony was cardboard boxes but it was the doves attempting to take flight. I would have missed that.

I thought of the number of times that experiences in my life seem familiar but the truth is that something different is happening and it will not announce itself on a megaphone but in the silent happening around me.

Sometimes the incredible experiences will disguise themselves in ordinary day to day happenings and for others they will look like the same old same old. A common occurrence can be mistaken for something that it isn’t and perhaps curiosity can take us where courage might not. Though the English believe it kills a cat, what happens if it doesn’t? What possibilities are open to us if we decided to be a little more curious?


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