Sweet Memories are made of this

When I was younger I remember watching a program titled “The Never Ending Story”. I have such fond memories of it. Some of the memories strangely include the disappointment I felt when I missed watching an episode on television. At the time there was no internet to play catch up with and therefore when you missed the airing of a show there was no way of getting to see it again. The theme song is in my mind, the first two words and the tune mostly. Because of the memories I decided to look it up on YouTube –the wonders of technology. What I saw and the memory I had of it were two different things. I blame it on CGI.

The characters especially the mythical ones where more polished than what I saw and the flying dog was more elegant close to the likes of a white phoenix.

Now that the information of the world is stored over cyber space I normally take the opportunity to go back to the series, movies, programs and cartoons I used to watch when I was a child. Many of them did not disappoint but for others there was the initial shock before realizing that this was the program I watched.

Meeting face to face with the reality of a previous memory got me thinking about how the mind works. I think I read this somewhere that the mind has the capacity to make past memories we consider good to be better than the actual experience.

With this in mind it means that when we say that the good old days are behind us there could be truth to it. Not because the events of the past are better but because we have stored them in our memories as really good especially if the emotions tied to them are positive. It makes me wonder, is there a possibility that my belief that ‘the good life is behind me’ can make me blindsided to the good chances and opportunities ahead of me? Not that the past memories are bad, in fact according to my search over the internet the stuff I watched in the past were pretty dope and for some I am sad that they did not get a chance to be produced to the end so I never got to know the mind of the writer to that extent (Anyone watched Reboot? I still remember the intro ‘Warning in coming game…’ I really wish that animation reached its conclusive end *sad face*).

I somehow wish there was a way someone could record their lives inclusive of the internal emotive notions that go on in our heads as life unfolds. Almost like a dream recorder (I have already decided there is such a contraption) but now for real life. Then there would be a chance to go back to how we thought of life.

Going back to past memories even though we meet with a memory that may not be as spectacular as we imagined it to be is important. It makes us accurately analyze where we were and also to appreciate where we are and the hopes we have of the future. It makes me see that the strides I made thus far are not as small as I thought. It also makes me see where certain idiosyncrasies came from. The past forms a journey in itself with lessons that would easily be forgotten but need to be remembered. It makes us treasure what we did not value and to hold tightly to what we held fast and loose and to let go of what we should not have held onto in the first place.

For now I can see how far back I was drawn to the fantasy genre of programs and also films. It makes me appreciate what it took to get that genre to where it is now and to be grateful for the mind that took the chance to do it without CGI. That the writer trusted the producer to make something out of the book he wrote. Plus who knows what will be next after CGI? For now it could be the best thing ever and a few years when the kids of this age are grown up they will wonder how they loved programs that have now become old school.

I can imagine a remake of that program if only for the newer graphics. My mind would flip with excitement. Then again there is something endearing about how it was made. Like a vintage car.

Yes I will still look for the never ending story not because it is part of my past memory but also for the reason that I have an admiration for how people in the past wrote their stories. It gives me hope not to keep silent with what I have. I have the belief that somehow we lost the art of storytelling and the writers in the past have something we need to help us tell our stories better. The never ending story is an example of how I like my stories told. The thought of being taken to another world for five minutes sounds like a treat. In this case let us say thirty minutes or two hours. I am not picky.

And also being on a flying dog…I admit they got me at the flying dog part.


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