Memory Stone

I smile when I look at these blog posts (first blog, follow-sheep?!?, fellow-sheep and lost sheep). Hopefully when I do become a prolific writer, I will keep smiling when I see these collection of posts. It was my first attempt at a public blog.

About five years ago, I got an internet enabled phone with about 2MB internal storage. Did I tell you it had internet? When I found out I could write a blog using the new internet feature (yes I said it again), I was ecstatic, ready to venture into the world of story telling.

There I was with my tech phone (trust me at the time it was the in thing) fiddling with ideas of blog posts I would put up with the McHammer song “can’t touch this” ringing in my head. I thank the people who followed the only three posts I put up. Shout out to Roselyn and Bri.

Many years back and here I am.

I will re-post those same blogs here without filtering editing or revamping. Just to hold onto its raw form.

I am glad to have a piece of me from the past. To see my old self like the five year old tinkering with the television not really seeing the engineer in him/her, but something deep inside that child knows who they are meant to be. The spark in their eyes says so.

There are days I see that spark and the beauty of how far back it goes. This spark that lit my way up to the point I am at now. It’s a reminder of the love to tinker, the shear thrill of having a story to tell, the joy of putting it out there and seeing yourself get better at what your heart desires to do.

I am not a perfect writer, far from it. I am just following the spark in my heart.

PS: I have no idea what fascination I had with sheep at the time.


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