Ever wondered where you are going or even how to get to where you are going? Sometimes you may not know where but you want to get there faaast!!

Well as sheep in this walk of faith we can wander off here and there. Probably chewing on the delicious green grass in anticipation of greener grass somewhere yonder or something has thrown us off our feet and by the time we get up the flock has moved.

In frantic efforts we may run to any woolly figure in the distance and dash there hoping to catch up. Sure enough we find that they are truly the sheep we had lost touch with. Sometimes however we find that on the outside they look like sheep from our flock but not quite..maybe the wool is a bit off, their voice is strangely deep or put on. Then if we ignore this, sooner or later we find the wolves shedding the sheep skin and before we know it we are in some major disaster.

So to follow fellow-sheep or not to follow? That a sheep’s major dilemma and one maybe too sheepish to ask this out loud lest you seem distrusting or unbelieving.

Sometimes it is better off to stay put until the Shepherd comes back to get you out of your mess and other times you just need to calm yourself down and in the distance you will hear the Shepherd call out to you and you follow that voice and to your shock you find your fellow-sheep also looking for you and waiting for you to get back up..

The safest way to follow is the way that is lead by the Shepherd and not necessarily other sheep..the only way we should follow other sheep is if we can see the Shepherd right ahead of them and if you can hear His voice leading and guiding us.


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