My Yarn Story

I remember going for a mother-daughter errand one day and I requested my mother to buy wool and a crochet hook and she scolding me about it. Something along the lines of her not wanting to buy something I will not use.

We went home and embarked on one of the longest crochet journeys I remember. It took two hands and a week (night and day) of stitching and what came up was a beautiful throw and the desire for crochet.

I was on a high…the rest of the details are blurry (as I imagine it would be when you are on a high) but the seed of curiosity of towards crochet was stirred up in me and there was no going back (thanks mum).

Hook by yarn I walked, ran, sat, rested and did it all over again up to this point.

It is amazing to have a creative outlet and this happens to be mine, and it has been quite a trip.